CAPP seeks to foster the development and recognition of accountable physician practices and organized delivery systems as a model for transforming the American health care system. We believe that:

  • Effective and efficient care delivery is more likely to be produced by physician-led organized delivery systems that include multispecialty group practices than by fragmented systems. Expansion of this model is at least part of a sustainable solution to address the health care crisis in the US.
  • Organized delivery systems offer superior performance and potential in a number of areas that will drive the U.S. toward more effective and efficient delivery systems:
    • Multispecialty coordination of care for complex and chronic conditions
    • Infrastructure to use evidence and systematic care processes to improve quality and efficiency
    • Capability to deploy state-of-the-art clinical information systems for quality, efficiency, and accountability 
  • Prepaid group practices currently have the most aligned incentives for efficiency and appropriate resource use, but all group practices have the essential tools for improvement.
  • We have a group practice framework in the U.S. that could serve as the foundation for a better system through addition, extension, and replication.

It is the work of CAPP to promote the benefits of this model of care as a potential solution to the pressing needs of quality improvement and cost containment within the American health care system.