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2011 News:

  • The July issue of ACO Insights features an interview with CAPP chair, Dr. Jay Crosson, and the perspectives of CAPP on accountable care organizations. The issue also highlights CAPP's Accountable Care Public Education Campaign,, bult around five principles of accountable care that resonate with the public:  prevention, care coordination, electornic records, evidence-based medicine, and  access.
  • July 13, 2011 - Health Affairs recently released a timely analysis on the importance of ACOs written by Francis J. Crosson, MD, chair of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices and senior fellow at Kaiser Institute of Health Policy. In "The Accountable Care Organization: Whatever Its Growing Pains, The Concept Is Too Vitally Important to Fail," Crosson writes: "The accountable care organization model is intended as an option both for Medicare and for non-Medicare, commercial health care services. However, the general model and the specific shared savings model proposed for Medicare have come under criticism. Much of the criticism is valid and should be addressed. However, none should serve to prevent the evolution of this model, because the alternative . . . is likely to be a type of indiscriminate cost cutting that will leave the nation with a damaged health care system, reduced access to care services, and declining quality of care."     The full article can be accessed through this page:   

Articles and Other Publications:

  • Partners in Health:  How Physicians and Hospitals Can Be Accountable Together, eds. Francis J. Crosson and Laura A. Tollen; Jossey-Bass, 2010

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